Entry #1

well shit

2017-03-02 12:43:02 by epomatto

Long time no see,I guess i should update what's been going on.

Well,first off~I closed my DA account,I'm on tumblr full time now.

I have been posting a shit ton over there,I'm busy and only come on at night now.

and so on sooooo~ yeah I'm here now,I'll just post recent art instead of just posting art that's like months old with the same descrptions i gave on tumblr so yap



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2017-03-02 16:33:22

You killed DA... https://youtu.be/0LFhsYwNuvQ
You deserve better welcome to Newgrounds...

epomatto responds:

Yeah,I killed DA. XD
Thank you! Glad to be back,again. XD